Established for 14 years, Professional Choice Consultancy (PCC) is constantly developing its offering to the professional services market.

Law firms and accountants now face probably the most intense period of enforced change in their history. The role and use of information technology is no longer a periodic consideration. The market is seeing an inevitable shift from bespoke to commoditised legal services that can be delivered by law firms or new entrants to the sector. Lawyers face considerable change and discomfort as they move through the evolutionary stages of client and market demanded change while at the same time being challenged by competitors.

This calls for regular monitoring and review if law firms are to feel confident they have the business strategy and resources to meet the challenges of change. In this context our services are offered and used regularly in the following areas:
  • Business strategy
  • Business structure and management
    • Organisational structure
    • Management - key performance issues and accountability
  • IT strategy and application
    • Applications - informed selection to fully support the business
    • Infrastructure - compliance, continuity, DR - in house or hosted
  • Business Development strategy and plans
    • Client retention
    • Client development
    • New business

  • Business strategy
  • Business structure and management
    • Organisational structure
    • Management - key performance issues and accountability
  • Business Development strategy and plans
    • Client retention
    • Client development
    • New business
  • Mentoring and development of managers

Expanded portfolio

In keeping with our policy of continuing development, Professional Choice Consultancy has now widened its portfolio to offer a tailored recruitment service to law firms and their specialist suppliers.

The service has been launched after extensive consultation within the legal sector and is purposely designed to meet the niche recruitment needs of this discrete professional grouping.

PCC principal Bill Kirby said: Our research has consistently demonstrated that this is an area where requirements are so specific that intimate knowledge of the sector is almost a pre-requisite to be able to deliver qualified and vetted candidates quickly with minimum initial involvement from clients.

It is a combination of experience and expertise in both legal and recruitment fields that provides the opportunity to utilize Bill Kirbys exceptional background which has evolved through executive roles in recruitment consultancy, his directorship of a leading IT software supplier, to, more recently, advising law firms on business strategy and management.

He added: Effective recruitment, development, management and retention are significant challenges in any area of professional life today, but the sector of legal services and suppliers has seen a maelstrom of change.

Firms looking to secure the precise balance of talent, qualities and temperaments require an unprecedented level of expertise in understanding their individual requirements and sourcing potential candidates.

Services offered:
  • For law firms
    • Recruitment of lawyers at all career stages and potential legal department managers and supervisors
    • Recruitment of support supervisors, managers and directors - Finance, IT, HR, Business Development, Compliance
  • For law firm sector suppliers
    • Recruitment of directors and managers for sales, marketing, business development, client support
    • Recruitment for sales people - new business and account management

    The Service Includes:
    • Outline business profile and business structure
    • Job profile description with accountabilities
    • Candidate profile
    • Background experience and performance expectations
    • Personality and development (key to fitting in and speedy performance return)
    • Communication skills
    • Intellectual skills
    • Management skills
    • Motivation
    • Emotional Skills
    • Interview structure briefing
      Company Background

      Bill Kirby spent many years as a senior manager and director in commerce before his 25-year association with the legal sector. His disciplines include financial, general management, sales and marketing and the effective use of IT. Bill was a director of a leading supplier of integrated system solutions for law firms for 10 years and has extensive boardroom experience working to manage change and maximise return on investment. PCC also carries a strong network of consultants in strategy and management, IT, compliance, marketing and recruitment.

      Bill is also active in the wider legal sector community He writes a regular column in the Manchester Law Society Monthly magazine – The Messenger - Management Matters, has active involvement with Manchester Law Society's buying group - MLS Advantage. He has also been a member of Manchester Lawyer Awards judging panel since 2016.

      Contact Bill at